(Source: Rex USA)

Now that the New Years parties have died down, one of the fun parts of a fresh new year is figuring out which trends are going to be HUGE in 2014! And if this recent article is any indication, it looks like 2014 is gonna be the year of lipstick. Bold lipstick!

Check out Oscar-hopeful and beauty icon Lupita Nyong’o, rocking this amazing electric-violet lip here. We’re thinking shades like this, dramatic poppy reds, and shocking fuchsia, will be all the rage this year. We’ve even seen some particularly wild colors (Icy violet! Teal blue!) on the red carpetof all places!lately. It’s definitely a great way to make a beauty look huge, without overwhelming. Like Lupita, keep the rest of your makeup simple, eyeliner and a natural-looking blush are all you need!

What bright, bold lip colors will you be rocking this year?