For all of you guys wondering whether or not to go see 21 Jump Street, the answer is YES! Me, the hubby, and a bunch of friends went to the 12:01 screening on Thursday night and we’re already psyched to go see it again. Jonah Hill is funny as ever (no worries, him being skinny didn’t make him any less funny) and we know Channing Tatum is hot, but who knew he was was funny too?! We were crying tears of laughter all night.

21 Jump Street was actually a cop show that aired in the 80’s starring the one and only Johnny Depp. Depp played a young cop working on youth related crimes. Check out 21 Jump Street in theaters today, you wont forget it. Plus theres a surprise in the movie for all you true 21 Jump Street fans!

-Patti, Contributing Elfette