Do you wake up each morning eager to get started?  If not, it might be time to reanalyze your career choices. Millions of women have discovered direct sales as a business and love it!

Here are five reasons to consider whether this career is the right fit for you:


  • It doesn’t require a lot of start-up money. With most companies, it takes very little capital and very little inventory to be on your way. Plus you get tax write-offs from running a home-based business.


  • It can be tailored around your busy schedule. You have freedom and flexibility to work around your family’s schedule.


  • It will begin generating income immediately.  And once you have invested the time to create a customer, you benefit from all future sales.


  • It has the potential to grow and expand. You get out of it what you put in to it. You make the choice about how much you make along with how much and how hard you want to work.


  • It is a product or service you truly believe in. As women when we find a solution to a problem we naturally want to share it with others.

Take a moment and reflect on why a direct sales business might be right for you – whether it’s the products, the opportunity to share solutions, the ability to balance your career with your family, the chance to make great money. This clarity will ultimately lead to your success.

Kim DeYoung is the original Metromom—a motivated mom entrepreneur committed to her family, her career and achieving success on her own terms. Also known as the “Get It Done Girl”, Kim is the dynamic and creative force behind, the “get it done” resource for the busy mom entrepreneur, providing solutions on marketing, money,  mindset and motherhood.