Ever notice how well celebs have been aging recently? This slow-aging trend isn’t due to genetics but rather how well celebs take care of themselves. Since they are constantly in the spotlight, celebs need to look their best through the years, and many will do anything to age as slowly as possibly. A few of my celeb clients over 45 recently came to me for the best ways to look young and stay young looking, and this is the advice I gave them: Hyaluronic Acid.

Although neither of these methods last longer than a year, they are excellent ways to help plump up sallow looking areas and provide an instant, natural looking youthfulness, without any downtime. Injectible fillers are a safe alternative to more invasive plastic surgery, and are inexpensive enough for a semi-annual splurge. They are also great for a number of applications around the face. If you are considering injectible fillers, keep in mind that the key areas that will make you look most youthful are:

Your Eye Area

To fill in sunken areas under the eye, and sagging areas above the eye, I recommend an injection of hyalurionic acid. These injections will fill-in and lift sunken areas where skin typically tends to get thin and sags, thus giving you the appearance of looking younger and well-rested. I always recommend using a thick orbital-eye moisturizer over the entire area to help minimize wrinkles and smooth skin out even more as well.

Your Mouth and Chin:

Many of my clients love to laugh (who doesn’t, right?) but are concerned with accentuating their laugh lines. For laugh-lines or marionette lines, I recommend a hyalurionic injection. For lip-lines on the top lip, I also recommend a hyalurionic acid injection. For chin sagging, I recommend either Juvederm or Restylane injections to help firm the area. A thick eye cream can also be used in the laugh and marionette lines to help smooth out the creases.

Your Face and Neck:

To help diminish forehead lines and those nasty “11 lines,” I recommend Hyaluronic or Juvederm injections. For cheeks that are too sunken in, I recommend Hyaluronic injections over the bone and in the hollows to make cheeks appear fuller and younger. For a sagging neck, I recommend Hyaluronic acid and Thermage injections.

Your Skin:

For overall skin health, I recommend regular treatments with a good esthetician or a few trips to a good laser facility. Both of these methods can even out skin tone and texture, reduce pores and redness, and help your skin maintain naturally high collagen and resiliency.

For over a decade, Scott-Vincent Borba has been a renowned innovator in the beauty category and has worked on such esteemed brands such as Hard Candy Cosmetics, Johnson & Johnson®, P&G/Wella-Sebastian, Shiseido/Joico, and Dr. Murad.
Scott-Vincent helped found E.L.F. Cosmetics with the idea that quality color cosmetics shouldn’t be limited to high-end department stores.


 Scott-Vincent has been a high-fashion model, TV personality and became a licensed aesthetician to further his credentials and experiences. He founded BORBA, and continues to use his creative thinking to push the envelopes of skin care as we know it.