While browsing the The Hollywood Gossip site we found a rumor that Barbara Walters is set to interview Lindsay Lohan sometime in the next few weeks. The Lohan family has been blowing up the headlines lately with her frantic call to her father about her mother’s drug problem and the possible restraining order against her father. Lindsay normally fears sit-down interviews because, well, there’s a lot of questions the public wants answers to, but she hates questions she’s not prepared to answer. We’ve never known Barbara to be sensitive about asking the hard questions in celebrity interviews, but some think this may be a less intense interview because the two women are close and have so much in common. Both have grown up in the limelight and have dealt with addiction problems but sources say Lindsay trusts Barbara to keep the focus on her latest film, Liz & Dick, and keep the family drama off camera.

If you had an exclusive interview with Lindsay Lohan, what would you ask her?!