Working from home on days with no meetings scheduled, I can admit I often used to be tempted to wear sweats and no make-up. This was paired with my comfortable flats when I was making occasional Starbucks/lunch runs. I remember one day I was in the neighborhood and stopped by my friend Kelley’s place. When I came in, she had just gotten home from work. She had a brand new pair of tight jeans on and a pretty top. She was finishing vacuuming. When I asked her if she didn’t have the time to change she asked me “Into what? Something comfortable, like sweats?  I decided to get rid off my sweats, they don’t look flattering” – she said. That little episode happened a long time ago but it definitely influenced me.

It’s not that I got rid off my sweats but I definitely make sure I buy clothes that are comfortable and look good to wear everyday.  Even if I work from home with no meetings scheduled. I also changed and wear make-up everyday. It’s never heavy but a very natural, everyday look.  I don’t do it for the people who see me grabbing lunch, I do it for myself. I like wearing it, I made applying makeup a part of my daily routine.

Then I stumbled upon this quote by Cindy Crawford, who said:  “Wear make-up everyday, always, you never know when you’re going to meet him.”   Yes, that’s another reason…

Anna Sabino is a jewelry designer and owner of  She specializes in charm necklaces and jewelry with a meaning. She gets inspired by people watching and creates her designs listening to her customers and asking what they would like.  This summer’s Lucid New York hottest accessories – cocktail rings were featured in Marie Claire, the New York Times Blog and Nylon Magazine.

When not working, Anna loves hanging out with friends and take advantage of all the things New York.  Her new passions are sailing and photography.