We’re SO excited to announce the WINNERS of our Beauty At All Ages contest! Take a look below for the beauties that made it!

Teens Winner: Ivy Hu from New York, NY, age 19

Statement: I’m a fun and outgoing person. I love make up and especially ELF make up! I’d love to represent them and inspire more people. I have experience with make up even though I’m not a professional. I love doing make up on myself and on others. I recommend ELF to so many of my friends. It’d be great to represent for them and start my “beauty” career. I’ve always wanted to be a youtube beauty guru. And I wanna meet Megan! 🙂

20s Winner: Elizabeth Walz from New York, NY, age 21

Statement: Ever since I was a little girl, dress-up was my favorite game. When I got older and my days of princesses and mermaids were over, I used makeup, hair, and fashion as my primary way to express myself. I love how I can change a whole look by adding a highlight here, a bright color there. A face is a blank canvas waiting to tell a story!

30s Winner: Pietra Dunmore from Cherry Hill, NJ, age 31

Statement: I should be the next E.L.F. Cosmetics model because I have a versatile look that transcends trends. I have a easy going personality and I am a hard worker. My almond shaped eyes and sexy pout don’t hurt either. 😉

40s+ Winner: Susan Scollin from Detroit, MI, age 57

Statement: e.l.f. cosmetics should choose me to represent them in 2013. There are many mature women,like myself, who want to look good and see images of other mature woman for inspiration. e.l.f. cosmetics can help us look amazing without trying to look 30. I am a breast cancer survivor of thirteen years now. Fighting that little life battle has made me stronger, bolder and more confident. This would be a fantastic experience, not to mention great for my portfolio:-)