Hey gorgeous! I know you’re totally and completely OBSESSED with the contouring craze. It’s just one of those things that you love and want to learn more about. I’m just as crazy about all the different products and ways to do this! Check out the awesome e.l.f. products and tools that can help you get this look.


The best way to get your shading on when you’re oily is to apply your normal routine and then think of the above products as an accent to your makeup. Hopefully you’re using a primer before your makeup goes on, like the e.l.f. Studio Poreless Face Primer, to combat excess oil from seeping into your makeup.


Apply your daily foundation if needed and then begin to think about the shape and dimension of your face. Sometimes a base is NOT needed, especially if you don’t like layering. Start by using the Studio Mineral Powder Brush and a shade of foundation that is at least 2-3 shades lighter than your skin. Apply the LIGHTER foundation where you want to glow— like the undereye area, the hight points of the cheekbone, the center of the nose and forehead. Apply the color gently and in a patting motion rather than a buffing motion.

Next, using the same brush apply a shade of foundation that is 2-3 shades DEEPER than your skin, but on the “lower” points of the face. That means: your jawline, the hollows of the cheek, the sides of your nose, and your hairline/temples are the areas that need to look shaded. Apply the powder in a blending motion to allow the two shades to join and soften together.

Follow the same steps above as mentioned for oily skin, but use a HYDRATING PRIMER instead! In this routine for dry skin, you might not want to apply a base foundation either since the coverage on the e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Foundation Stick is medium to full. Using your e.l.f. Studio Small Stipple Brush, Apply the LIGHTER shade to the high points of your face. Then, using the same brush blend in the DEEPER shade the the low points of the face. Apply both shades in a buffing motion to get a streak-free finish.

I find that mixing and matching products to fit your needs works best. Sometimes you might like applying your cream or liquid foundation over the whole face, and then accenting it with a deep powder to add contour to the face, (on the low points). Use what’s best for you Elfette!