Before any flashy color or perfect finish, a PRIMER is a must, Elfette! It’s lesson 1 of our Back to Beauty School regimen and I’ve put together a study-guide just for YOU. There’s a primer for every type of skin and any kind of finish you want your foundation and face makeup to achieve.

What does primer do? Imagine painting a fun color on the walls of your room, but seeing the original color underneath the one you just applied. The same goes for your face, eyes and more! Primers help us to keep our color looking fresh and evenly applied all day long.

Some types of primers help to block sweat and oil, or hydrate and give some glow! Our e.l.f. Primer selection is endless and we even have color-correcting shades in case you’re feeling dull or red.

Study your primers and pick the right one for you! Let me know what your favorites are in the comments section, to get featured in an upcoming blog.