Hey elfettes!!

We had the best. time. ever. with all of the Beauty At All Ages finalists!! The day went by so fast, I didn’t even realieze I was at work!

We started the day with breakfast! Then moved right into hair and makeup!

Leeza was a ray of sunshine even at the early hour!

Maggie was HILARIOUS and kept me laughing the ENTIRE day!

Sulivan was the sweetest person on the planet! While she was getting her makeup done, I heard about her family! She has two precious kids!!

Kim Marie was SO cute and funny!! She laughed at ALL of my jokes, which for future reference for anyone, gets you bonus points in my book!

We jammed out to the AMAZING playlist that I made all day!

During lunch while I was catching up on e-mails, I caught the girls in a SERIOUS game of UNO. I’m pretty sure that Leeza and Sulivan are UNO sharks. I’m sad to say that I did not catch a shot of this.

Fortunately, I did catch some of the official shots!

We all had so much fun together!! By the end of the day it was like we were LONG LOST BFFYS!!

And speaking of long lost, Maggie could definitely be my long lost sister. Unfortunately for me, she got all the height and metabolism in the family! Do you think we look like long lost sisters or what, elfettes?!

Who do you think should be the next face of e.l.f.?!



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