Summer is great for sun-kissed cheeks and soft, pink lips! That’s why we put together this gorgeous day look using our exclusive Birthday Palette! See below for the quick and easy steps we took to get this bright look, perfect for any summer day!

Step 1: Prime the eyes for long-lasting results. Apply the shimmery cream colored eyeshadow (1 cross, 2 down) as your base.

Step 2: Using a Contour Brush, define the outer edge of the eye using the warm red dark brown shade (8 across, 4 down).

Step 3: Dip your Small Angled Brush into the black eyeshadow (10 across, 5 down) and softly line the eyes.

Step 4: Apply your favorite mascara, we used the Lash Extending Mascara.

Step 5: Apply the peach blush (second blush from the left) to the apples of the cheeks using a Mineral Powder Brush.

Step 6: Go back with the Small Angled Brush and dark brown eyeshadow and softly define the lower lash line.

Step 7: Grab the pink lip gloss (second row, first lip color) using the Small Precision Brush and apply color.

Step 8: Smile! Set the look using our Mist & Set for makeup that will last all day!