As part of our commitment to spreading awareness and supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, we are featuring Breast Cancer Stories through the entire month of October. This story is from Melissa whose grandmother passed away from Breast Cancer. Read below for her story and what she wants every other grandmother to know.

She loved to dress up in costumes, dance on pool tables and generally cause excitement any place she could. The slogan “well behaved women rarely make history” fit her to a tee. I’m probably one of the few people around who have a picture of their grandma standing on a balconey in Hawaii, wearing  a bikini top and grass skirt!

As the eldest of 10 children she worked in the cotton fields of Texas to help make ends meet. Grandma didn’t attended school so she never learned to read or write. This never stopped her from doing anything she really wanted to do and most people never new about her disability.

She lived her life to the fullest and would be what many would call  a “hoot”.

My grandmother and I had a special bond. From an early age I would spend the night with her every Friday night where we would pop popcorn and watch the Golden Girl’s. We would spend our Saturdays shopping or going on one of her wild adventures. I have memories of her driving me to Texas on road trips or spending the week at the lake fishing with her and grandpa.

Grandma died October 6, 1994 from Breast cancer that had spread to her liver and I miss her everyday.  While finding a cure is too late for Grandma it’s so important for all the other grandmothers that may be lost from this terrible disease.

Every time I see those pink ribbons in October I think of grandma and how much I wish she were here. I love you grandma and I miss you very much.