Deep cleaning your brushes will keep the quality lasting for a long time.
Once you see what’s hiding in your brushes, you’ll become a clean freak!
Here is how to do a Deep Cleaning!

What you’ll need is the e.l.f. studio brush shampoo.

Step 1 – Wet the bristles of the brushes (try not to immerse the furell of the brush,
the metal piece holding the bristles together, because after many cleanings it will
loosen and fall off).

Step 2 – Pour a bit of the e.l.f. studio brush shampoo on the brisltes of the brush.

Step 3 – Massage the shampoo in to the brush bristles to create bubbles.You will see all
the makeup that was stuck in the brush come out. Warning, it’s not as pretty as when you
were putting it on your face!

Step 4 – Rinse the shampoo or soap off the brush.

Step 5 – Squeeze out any excess water.

Step 6 – Shape the brush bristles and lay them flat to dry on your counter. I like to put a
towel under my brushes, and have the bristles hang off the counter so they dry faster.
Depending on what type of hair your brushes have, drying can take between 5-20 hours,
so do this when you don’t need to use your brushes until the next day. I recommend a
deep clean once a month for a makeup artist, or once every 2 months for personal brushes.

Happy Cleaning!