Hello gorgeous! If you’re the type of girl who’s obsessed with eye makeup, you would seriously love the e.l.f. essential custom compact with mirror. There are a ton of different colors to choose from to insert in a personalized palette just for you! It’s great for traveling and even keeping in your purse for quick touch-ups. Our model Kemery was transformed in just a few steps you can follow below:

STEP 1: Create a smooth canvas to work on by applying the e.l.f. Studio Moisture Stick onto the face, especially in dry areas like the nose. Blend with a finger if needed and remember to wipe off the top layer of the stick to keep it clean.

STEP 2: Apply your foundation using the correct brush- we used the Moisturizing Foundation Stick and the Essential Foundation Brush, since Kemery’s skin is smooth and not textured the flat brush works best. For textured or acneic skin, try the Stipple Brush!

STEP 3: Using your finger, apply a small amount of the Essential Glitter Primer to your lids. This will help keep your shadows on longer and without creasing. 

STEP 4: The Essential Eye Shadow Brush allows you to apply an even amount of shadow to the lid. We used the color “Taupe” from our Custom Compact with Mirror.

STEP 5: We defined Kemery’s eyes by applying a deeper shade of color to the edges of the lid. Using the Smudge Eye Sponge, we applied the color, “Dusk”. Take your time and blend the edges properly.

STEP 6: Finish off this glam look by applying a soft colored lipstick or gloss. Kemery has on the Super Glossy Gloss lip Shine to add different textures to the final look.

What do you think of this age-appropriate, semi-smokey eye?