Ever wanted to make your own custom nail polish but weren’t sure how? e.l.f. to the rescue! We made our own personalized Golden Goddess Nail Polish using a Pigment Eyeshadow and Clear Nail Polish! Here’s how:

Step 1: Get your tools ready. You’ll need a Pigment Eyeshadow, Clear Nail Polish, and a little dish for mixing.

Step 2: Remove the sifter from your Pigment Eyeshadow and scoop up some of the product with the eyeshadow brush that it comes with. Place as much product as you’d like in the dish. (more pigment for a more opaque look, and less for a sheer look).

Step 3: Pour some of the clear polish into the dish.

Step 4: Mix the polish and the pigment using the Nail Polish Brush. Make sure there are no chunks of pigment in there!

Step 5: Apply two coats of your new polish to the nails.

Step 6: Using our Nail Polish in Golden Goddess, accent your ring finger nails with some gold glitter.

How cool is that??

Patti, contributing elfette