When I moved to New York, I began reading the blog of Julia Allison. She was a self-proclaimed Carrie Bradshaw and blogged about her dating escapades in and around NYC. After a while, I began to realieze her dating style was slightly different from mine and began ditching her advice for my own logic. Recently it was announced that Julia is going to be starring in a new BRAVO reality show! There is no preview yet, but here is the PRE-preview.

You may notice that Julia is the one in the clip that says she has a 73 point checklist in what she looks for in a boyfriend! 73!?!?!?!?!?!!? That seems a little over-the-top and excessive! I began to think about my dating checklist, which is non-existent, and I thought that I should prepare one in the event that it could streamline the pre-date process for me. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Must be smart!

I love talking about current events and all my friends are smart! I cannot bring a guy to dinner who can’t keep up.

2. Must love dogs!

I’m majorly 100% obsessed with dogs; All of them, but especially my little baby/furball, Mischa. I’m also certain that I’m meant to add a goldendoodle AND greyhound to my family as I get older and have more space than my crackerbox size NYC apartment.

3. Must be able to fit in easily to any situation!

I’m from the south, where my dad lives on a farm and owns a steakhouse. I live in New York City, the most glamorous place on the planet. My boyfriend needs to be able to fit into both places, or at least make an effort. If you can’t dress up for dinner at Beauty & Essex or drive this tractor within the same week, please do not apply.

4. Must love to read!

I’ve been dating for about 10 years and the most compatible I’ve ever felt with someone was someone I’ve dated who reads as much as I do!  We don’t have to sit around and discuss literature for hours, I just want to share something other than our mutual like of each other. Also, when I suggest we have a Gatsby-Style Garden party in the future it would be helpful if he didn’t object because I’m going to win in the end anyway. 😉

5. Must want kids!

Sorry, it’s a deal breaker if you never want kids! I’m that girl who babysits for fun. That being said, it’s going to be several years before I have any of my own.

6. Must be open minded!

I definitely want to be with someone who isn’t totally closed to change, whether it be small like trying to eat healthier or big like standing up for something that is important to me.

7. Must be a hard worker!

I’m definitely a hard worker so I expect the exact same thing out of my future man-friend. Sorry, my job is super fun and I get to do fun things like play with makeup all day!

8. Must love to travel!

My dad hates to travel and that’s absolutely fine, but I could not deal with idea that my boyfriend may not ever jet us away on a spur of the moment weekend to Paris! Just. couldn’t. deal.

9. Must love (or pretend to love) my friends!

A boyfriend once told me that he didn’t like my friends. I sat there stunned for a couple minutes. Finally, after he had moved on to another subject thinking that it was okay to say that, I told him that in no way shape or form is it okay for him to tell me he doesn’t like my friends. If he doesn’t like them, he should keep that to himself, unless they are doing something that would physically or mentally harm me. While it’s okay not to like people, you can’t choose your signifigant other’s friends for them so the best idea to embrace them, or at least pretend to. If you love someone, you’ll love the people that they love! I just so happen to be the luckiest person in the world when it comes to the friend department!

10. Must be funny!

If you want to date me, you have to make me laugh. Bottom. Line.

What are your dating deal breaker?! Is there anything I should add to my list?!



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