Diane Birch CD Bible Belt Launches Today!

Diane Birch’s debut album Bible Belt comes out today right on time for summer. Diane’s voice is as smokey but crisp as her stunning eyelashes, and the sexy tunes with a hint of sadness make me pout my lips and escape the moment. Diane Birch has an unusual life story moving around the world with her family, her father being a preacher.  Even though Bible Belt’s music has influences from Beale to Bourbon Street to the street corners of Brooklyn, Diane’s music has global feel from her world travels, and if I can predict anything, Diane’s debut CD will be played worldwide.

Bible Belt is a soulful collection of songs Diane has also composed and made lyrics to. She is a natural talent – she even learned to play piano by ear, without notes.  Some of my favorite tracks on the CD are Rewind (who wouldn’t want to rewind their life every now and then?) and Photograph, which are soulful blues, gospelic soul or pop jazz – the music had so many undertones and feelings that it is difficult to even pinpoint the genre.

Diane’s CD is produced by Steve Greenberg’s S Curve Records in New York and it’s now available. If you are getting one new CD this summer, make it Diane’s Bible Belt. This is the CD you’ll remember later “oh yeah, it was summer ’09” when you hear the tunes again after years. And now only if I could get my eyelashes to look like Diane’s…?

Guest Post by Katja Presnal of http://www.skimbacolifestyle.com” Skimbaco Lifestyle.