This summer calls for brights all around and here at the office we’re celebrating brights with a cool and easy DIY ombre mani! Your going to need two different Nail Polish colors, clear polish, and a Sponge. The colors I chose to use are ‘Passion Pink’ and ‘Party Peach’. Here’s how!

1. Clean nails free of polish and file into the shape you prefer. Apply a clear base coat to prevent nail staining.

2. Using ‘Passion Pink’, apply two coats as a base and let the polish dry completely.

3. Next grab ‘Party Peach’ and drip some polish onto a piece of scrap paper. Pick up the color on the edge of the Sponge and blot the tips of your nails with the color until you reach your desired intensity. Use a light hand to achieve a perfect ombre gradient. 

4. Clean up the edges of the nails with Nail Polish Remover for a clean and fresh look.

5. Coat nails with a clear top coat and you’re ready for Summer!

How easy was that?

-Patti, contributing elfette