Hey elfettes! 

We’re so excited to be celebrating 8 years of beauty with you! This week’s theme is CHARITY!! With every $20 purchase you’ll receive a FREE Studio Mini Makeup Collection AND the Beauty Bus Foundation will also receive a Studio Mini Makeup Collection! We couldn’t be any more thrilled to be working with an organization that gives back with beauty! 

The Beauty Bus Foundation gives back by visting the ill and their caregivers through in-home visits and trying to make their day brighter with beauty. They also do pop-up salons all over the country where caregivers and patients can visit for even more beauty and spa treatments! And if they can’t make it to a certain destination, they have a Beauty Bag Program where they mail patients and caregivers bags filled with beauty treatments, products, and tools to use at home! 

To read more about the Beauty Bus Orgainization visit their wesbite: www.beautybus.org! 

Until next weeks theme!



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