So I have been totally loving my F-Factor fiber filled diet and following all food trends on that I thought I should share some of my favorite fiber foods.  You see fiber foods fill you up faster so you eat less and thus lose weight!  Love it!!  Here’s a list of my fav fiber rich foods:

Gnu Bars
Metamucil Apple Wafers
GG crackers
Fiber One Cereal
-Fiber One Chewy Bars
-Black Beans
Check out more fiber facts at skinnyinthecity.comAnd because we love our e.l.f. fans we are giving a free copy of the F-Factor Diet signed by Tanya Zuckerbrot, a personal journal so you can write down your meals and a gift bag full of fiber goodies.  Just comment below and the first 200 comments will be entered into a raffle to win!!  Yay, who said you can’t get anything free?! What are some of your favorite fiber foods? 
{Achelle is the Creative Director, Brand Ambassador and official Makeup Artist for e.l.f. cosmetics}