Losing pregnancy weight (or weight in general) stinks. Actually losing weight is great…dieting stinks, as does buying and re-buying different size clothes as you slide up and down the scale.   For me, my post pregnancy weight loss has been a long journey and like any journey worth taking it was not a straight line.  Lots of stops and starts – hills and valleys (and I am not just talking the hills and valleys on the back of my thighs…love you thighs!)  I also didn’t want to ”waste money” buying new clothes until I reached “my weight”, but in the meantime I literally was wearing the same thing everyday and looking pretty schlempy.   It wasn’t good.

That is when I decided that I was WORTH some new clothes and did not have to be the PERFECT weight to still look put together.  I was thrilled when I discovered the FLIRT Jeans from Old Navy, and I did not have to spend a fortune.   The trick to the Flirt Jean is they are mid-rise which helps tame the tummy and hold it all back without going so far as the dreaded “classic cut” route. You know…”high waisted”, “easy rider”, “Mom jeans”, whatever you call it, those jeans are evil and guarantee your husband will never give you that second baby you want. 

The Flirt Jeans haven’t gone unnoticed by the fashion mags either, having recently been written up in Glamour magazine. They are 87% cotton so they don’t have as much give as I would like, but at roughly $30.00 retail and between $20.00 and $25.00 online (www.oldnavy.com) they are worth picking up several pairs. Old Navy Flirt Jeans also have several cuts and washes to play around with including plus, tall, and petite. 

If you love your jeans on the fancy designer side, but don’t have your fancy designer ass yet, the Flirt Jean by Old Navy will bridge the distance and get you through.  Love yourself and your ass ladies, no matter the size!

Meggan Ravazzolo of www.meggansamom.com has been many things in life. Graduate of the UCLA school of Theater-Film-and Television, Television Reporter, Comedian, Blackjack Dealer, Bartender, Fashion Victim, and Consumer of Hamburgers. None of which prepared her for her next “thing” in life; being a Wife, Mom, and Step-Mom.   After a career in the spotlight, Meggan traded in her microphone, size 6 body, personal pride and ego for a life as a stay at home Mom. Her life has never been better, funnier, or messier.  
Hopefully  funny, endlessly dirty, and forever hungry, follow Meggan as she accounts her life with her “salt and pepper sweetie”, her two teenage sons, and toddler baby boy.   Meggan writes about it all. Meggansamom.com, “finding the funny and fabulous in family.”