As I sat at my desk staring at my short, naked nails I decided I needed a serious Summer nail makeover. I cleaned and filed these babies up and got ’em in tip top shape for the perfect Summer mani! All the polishes used can be found in our Nail Cube in ‘Brights’. Feel free to try this look with any color combos- I just thought a neutral and a neon were the perfect balance. Here’s how in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Groom your nails using our Nail File and Nail Block.

Step 2: Apply your base color. I used the light pearl pink Nail Polish from our ‘Brights’ Nail Cube and applied two coats.

Step 3: Next, I took the neon orange polish and started to slowly draw a triangle. You want the lines to be as straight as possible, so do this slowly and make sure your hands are steady!

Step 4: For a little extra bling, I added some of the gold glitter polish to my ring finger, just on top of the light pink shade.

Step 5: Clean up any edges and apply your clear top coat!

What’s YOUR favorite summer nail trend?