Wearing glasses can sometimes hide your eyes, depending on how thick the frames are and how strong your lenses are. We want to show you a great way to make eyes really pop and look awake when wearing glasses. Here’s how!

Step 1: Apply our Mineral Eyeshadow in ‘Buff’ to the lids for a brightening base.

Step 2: Add some sparkle and light using our Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in ‘Confetti’.

Step 3: Line the upper and lower lash lines using our Cream Eyeliner in ‘Black’. For a more wide-eyed effect, avoid lining your waterlines.

Step 4: Curl lashes! This step is important for an awake look. Apply two coats of our Mineral Infused Mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

Step 5: After applying your foundation and concealer, apply a neutral blush to the cheeks. Here were using the Baked Blush in ‘Rich Rose’.

Step 6: Finish off the look with a bright, but subtle gloss for a pop of color! We used our Shimmer Lip Gloss in ‘Rich Rose’.

What are YOUR tips for wearing makeup with glasses?