Obviously you can tell from this blog that I’ve been scouring the world wide web for bikinis! While I’m having no trouble finding bikinis that make my money burn holes in my pockets, I’m definitely having some anxiety about getting into one. At night I tend to make lists of all the things I need to do; Whether it be tomorrow, the next day, next week, or next month. Next month is OFFICIALLY here and it’s time to kick start the diet/workout plan that’s been on my list since January. Here are the resolutions for bikini season that I’m not mandating into my life.

1. Juicing for lunch!

The juicing sensation has been a trend for a while now! Problem: I eat little to no fruit! I know that it’s so weird that I don’t eat fruit, but I’ve been this way since I was a toddler! It really limits my choices as far as juicing goes. Fortunately, I’m obsessed with veggies. For the next month, I’m going to challenge myself to replace my usual lunch of a sandwich with a juice. Want to join me?!

Here’s my go to juice recipes:

3 – 4 Kale Leaves

Handful of Spinach


2 Celery Stalks

1 – 2 Grapefruits (depending on how sweet and tart you want your juice)

2. More YOGA!

Yoga is my favorite form of exercise! I’ve definitely been slacking in my practice lately because my normal yoga buddy, Gina, has changed her yoga schedule. Elfettes, I am NO LONGER allowed to use that as an excuse. Going to yoga alone is fun and I will do it at least 4 times a week or I’m going to have to be forced to tell you all that I’ve failed. The elfettes collectively are my accountability. I go to this amazing studio in New York City, Yoga to the People. It’s a donation based studio so you come and give what you can when you can. If you’re low on funds one day, no problem. I usually give about $5.  Warning: classes are crowded, but they’re very fulfilling!

3. Other…

While yoga is pretty much the only form of exercise that I enjoy, I think it’s important to find at least ONE other form of exercise to cross train your body and work other muscles in other ways. On the days that I don’t attend yoga, I’m going to elliptical for at least 30 minutes. Walking home from work is always an option as well! Anything to mix up your routine and spark movement is good!

Okay elfettes, it’s up to you to keep me motivated and accountable! Any suggestions on how I can be bikini ready in a month?!



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PS  –

My goal is to have these legs back! (I’m on the far right!)


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