Not everyone can be blessed with a beautiful dark complexion, but for those who are lucky enough, here’s a guide on which shades will work best for your skin. It’s also another excuse to go shopping for new makeup which we all love to do!

First things first, let’s start with choosing the right foundation. Many women with darker skin are proneto having oily skin so a oil-free or water based foundation is your best bet, like our e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation. Darker hues are available in all foundation types from mineral to cream, but if you don’t have a preference, try a liquid or cream foundation so you can control any excessive shine. When choosing your shade of foundation be sure to steer clear of any hues that are lighter than your skin tone. If possible, go one shade darker than your skin tonebecause it will helpcontrol shine. As with any skin tone, it will take a bit of trial and error to see which tones and types of makeup work best for your complexion. 

With blush, it’s best to stick to dark pink or coral shades, especially if you have cool undertones. Blushes that have golden or deep orange undertones can also work well with dark skin to bring outa warm glow. The blush consistency mostly depends on your preference and comfort levelwith makeup. Baked and mineral blushes provide a more natural, softlook while powder and cream blusheshave a more distinct appearance. 

Now onto eyes! Darker skin tones can easily pull off looks where many colors of eye shadow are featured at once. For a modern look, try some metallic colors across the entire eyelid. Blues, purples and golden tones look especially great on dark skin and can easily be used for an exotic evening look. With so many options, it’s a great idea to invest in a palette with multiple colors and shades so you can play around and have a new look every day! 

What products and colors work best for you skin type? We want to know!

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