We love treating our skin to some luxury every now and then, but that can be pricey! We tried and tested these home-made (or in our case, office-made) masks and scrubs and created little how-to’s so you can make them and try them out yourself! Check it out!

Skin Brightening Mask:

The ingredients in this mask will tingle, but that’s how you know its working. The chemicals in the un-ripened papaya that mix with the acid from the yogurt to gently exfoliate the skin leaving it with a fresh rosy glow. The honey helps keep skin hydrated during the whole process.

What You’ll Need: 1/2 cup unripe papaya (diced),
1 teaspoon plain yogurt,
1 teaspoon honey. Blend all ingredients in a food processor.

Citrus Sugar Scrub:

The citrus acts as an astringent and helps tone the skin, while the sugar exfoliates, and the honey hydrates for beautiful, renewed and refreshed skin!

What You’ll Need: 1 tablespoon Honey, 4 tablespoons Sugar (brown and/or white), the juice from 1/2 a fresh Orange. Combine all ingredients.

Soothing Avocado Mask

The oils in the creamy avocado work with the honey to sooth skin and keep it soft and hydrated. The egg yolk will cleanse and tighten the skin.

What You’ll Need: 1 Egg yolk, 1 ripe Avocado, 1 teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 tablespoon Honey. Mash all of the ingredients to for a creamy paste.