Hey prom queen! Are you gearing up for one of the most memorable nights of high school? Our phone and email lines have been packed with girls like you asking for advice on prom makeup and we are so thrilled to give you some! We’re starting off our prom posts with a very important message… be a better version of yourself. There are so many makeup trends that don’t need to end up on your face and the chances are you’ll regret it looking back. Check out my biggest prom pet-peeves below and write me in the comments section about yours!

1. if you’re attempting a smokey eye, make sure all color is blended and there are no harsh lines as shown in the photo! To avoid harsh lines, blend your crease color while your eyes are open and you’ll see it way better.

2. False lashes are great, but if they’re too long or they look obviously fake, everyone will see that. 

1. Dark lip liner is not ok! Line your lips with a color similar to the lipstick or gloss you’re wearing to achieve perfect lines. Also try to stay away from overly glossy or shiny colors if you’re using lip liner- your gloss will fade away and you’ll be left with a line around your lips of color.

2. There are so many versions of a nude lip, but if you’ve got a deeper complexion, try using something with a pink undertone to it so that you don’t look color-less or sick. Nude lips are tricky!

1. Bronzer is great, but self tanners and overdoing the brown on your face/body can look very fake. Not to mention if you’re going to dance the night away in your tutu, you don’t want to worry about your orange color streaking from sweat or ending up on your dates clothes!

2. Having NO color on your face is also not great in photos that you’ll have forever. With any complexion, a little rosy color on the cheeks and lips can make all the difference. Going natural is one way of doing your makeup, but wearing NOTHING might not hold up well with your awesome dress.