Applying blush is as easy as pie…or is it? The placement of blush actually makes a difference in the type of look you’re going for. This photo I found in the depths of the internet was a perfect example of how blush should be applied in the Summer. Applying the blush to the cheeks ACROSS the face creates the illusion of being sun burnt or even flushed. (Applying the blush to cheekbones is a more contoured look).

The tools you will need to achieve this look are a Small Stipple Brush and Cream Blush or HD Blush in a hot pink or red shade. As scary as hot pink and red sound, when applied lightly, it mimics like the real flush you get when you exercise or are embarrassed. Dip the brush into the product and wipe off any excess. Apply a little at a time by drawing an ‘x’ directly under the eyes and blend for a natural smooth finish.

How do YOU apply your blush?