This weeks gold color crush had us inspired! We were looking for something fresh and what cooler way to rock a mani than a cheetah inspired polka dot look! Here’s How:

Step 1: Get your tools ready. We used our Nail Polish in ‘Black’ and ‘Blush’ with an Angled Eyeliner Brush and the paper that comes in the eyeliner packaging as a dish. (You can also try this look using ‘Dark Navy’ nail polish for the polka dots)

Step 2: Apply two coats of ‘Blush’ nail polish to the nails and let dry for 3-5 minutes.

Step 3: Place a drop of black nail polish on the cardboard. Using our Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush, pick up some black nail polish.

Step 4: Apply random polka dots on your ring finger only as an accent. If you prefer, do all of your nails!

Step 5: Finish off the look with a clear top coat and your good to go!

Patti, contributing elfette