I always receive questions from customers asking how to properly cover acne. Now that Summer is rolling around, I’m going to guide you through an easy, lightweight routine that’ll keep your skin looking clear and fresh!

Step 1: Start by priming the skin using our Mineral Infused Face Primer. This will ensure that the makeup will last all day through the heat.

Step 2: Apply our Acne Fighting Foundation using a Stipple Brush or a damp sponge for light/medium coverage. The key to looking fresh faced is to use a light foundation and then conceal any remaining blemishes with a concealer. This yields the most natural looking results, plus who wants to walk around in this heat with a mask?!

Step 3: Correct any red spots using our HD Lifting Concealer in ‘Adjusting’ (the green shade counteracts redness) and blend until the redness is reduced and the product is blended. Then go in with the HD Lifting Concealer in whichever shade suits you and conceal any blemishes, spots or under eye circles by patting the product onto the skin.

Step 4: Set all of your hard work using our HD Powder in ‘Translucent’. The key to this application is to tap the powder onto the skin instead of swirling, this way none of the makeup will move.

Step 5: For extra staying power, set the makeup using our Makeup Mist & Set for a dewy, long-lasting complexion.

What’s YOUR Summer skin routine?