Check out our guest blogger, Rachel! Here’s what she has to say about using multiple eyeshadows!

I first learned how to really wear eyeshadow when I bought an eyeshadow trio for hazel eyes. I learned how to apply eyeshadow because it was written on the back of the box with a diagram that showed you where to put each color. I’d never known why there were so many colors in a trio or quad before that. I thought it was just a really good deal on getting a bunch of colors and didn’t realize they were meant to be worn together!

Once you get the basic principals down of a base color, a crease color and a highlight color then you’re set. You’re only limited by your imagination after you get that down. I still have a soft spot in my heart for palettes that tell you exactly how you should apply it to perfectly achieve a look. It’s kind of like having a built in girlfriend telling you, “Hey, those colors look awesome together!” I love that about these e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadows. They literally have it stamped into the eyeshadow to tell you where you need to put each color. The less thinking the better! These e.l.f. Flawless Eyeshadows have four eye shadows to make your eyes look beautiful! I’ll show you swatches and then show you how each quad looks once you put it together on your eye. I used a slightly damp brush for the swatches and to apply the eyeshadow to my eye.

When you follow the stamped directions you take the base color and sweep it all over the lid all the way up to under your eyebrow. With the lid color, I personally, cover about two thirds of my eye lid and go right up below the crease. I like to leave the base color showing in the corner of my eye to lighten it. I blend that out so that it isn’t a sharp line. Then take the crease color, put that into my crease and up to right below my brown bone. I take a little bit of highlight color and lid color,  lightly mix them and blend that over the crease color to make each color flow into the next. Then I take my line color and, using a flat eyeliner brush,push that color into my eyelashes and right above it on the lash line. I follow this same method with all three quads! Below are the pictures I took pictures of each step of me applying Beautiful Browns.


I ALWAYS start out with my e.l.f Mineral Eye Primer. I am obsessed with it. This was a brand new tube so a little more came out than I was used to so it is a little more than I usually put on. The only difference was that it took a little bit longer to dry down.


Pat your eye primer onto your eye lid and let it dry. This will give your eye shadow something to hold on to.


The first step of your Beautiful Browns quad is to take your base color and apply it to your eyelid all the way up to under your eye brow. I also tap it in the corner of my eye.


Then you take your lid color and go right up below your brow bone and two thirds of the way over on your eyelid. About right past your pupil if you want something visual to go by.


Now take your crease color and put it in your crease, a little bit on top of the lid color and right below your brow bone. I also stop it right where I stop the lid color.


Now take a blending brush and blend all of the colors together so that you don’t have any stark lines. Then take a flat eyeliner brush  and add the line color right about your lash line and in between your lashes.


I carry the line color all the way around the lower lash line and then smudge it with a blending brush.


Add mascara and bun dun dun dah, you’re finished!