They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothin’! I can see tired eyes through any concealer. Sleep issues are so common today, but so not fun! Here are a few tips on how to get the best beauty sleep possible:

1. Don’t go to bed hungry: The worst feeling is rolling around trying to fall asleep and feeling an emptiness in your stomach. The fuller you are, the sleepier you’ll get, especially after a long day of work. I’m not saying stuff your face with junk, because that’ll give you a tummy ache but have a quick snack and a small glass of hot water or tea.

2. Turn off all the lights!: Now i slept with a night-light for a while because, I’ll admit it, I’m afraid of the dark. Some people use the excuse of using a night light so they don’t trip on their midnight bathroom run, but I call BS. It’s recommended that all the lights in the room be turned off, even night lights. Have your electric clocks face away from you as well. Most importantly, don’t sleep with your phone next to you! The beeping and buzzing will guarantee  interrupted sleep.

3. Disconnect: As difficult as it is to do, try not to watch a ton of TV before bed- the lights will keep you wired. If you have to watch, dim the lights, and dim the TV brightness as it helps get you into relaxation mood. The best winding down you can do is read a book and light a scented candle (This one smells like sexy man cologne).

4. Set the thermostat to a cool 68 degrees (Fahrenheit). The colder and fresher the air, the better for your breathing. When a room gets too hot, you can get all sweaty and stuffy. It’s really uncomfortable and makes for a terrible nights sleep.

5. Get an awesome wakeup call. There are a ton of apps on the iPhone that give you the option to wake up to birds chirping, or my favorite, the flutes that make me feel like I’m in an acupuncture session. Very relaxing compared to a blaring siren waking you up. It also gives you the option of having the ringtone fade in and out so the wakeup isn’t abrupt! Get on it, they’re free.

What are your best-nights-sleep tips?

-Patti, contributing elfette