Many of us ladies are ALWAYS in search for the most waterproof eyeliner out there. Especially in the summer months, our eyeliner seems to head south after a few hours. Here are 3 easy precautions to take when applying eyeliner for budge-proof color!

1. Go Waterproof: Find the most waterproof formula you can and stick with it. If it’s labeled ‘Waterproof’ but isn’t really doing its job, try our Makeup Lock & Seal and run a thin sweep over your eyeliner so it stays put all day.

2. Don’t Over Moisturize: I know eye cream is a MUST, but save it for your night time routine. If you apply too much moisturizer under the eyes prior to makeup, it’ll mix with your eyeliner and mascara formula, making the 3pm slide down quicker and much worse. If you must apply eye cream in the morning, use a thin layer and blot with a tissue before applying your eyeliner.

3. Powder Up: Grab an eyeliner brush and a powder eyeshadow in the same shade as your eyeliner and go over the line to seal it in. For added protection, grab our High Definition Undereye Setting Powder and set any concealer or moisturizer under the eyes. This layer of powder will create a ‘wall’ between your eyeliner and your under eyes.

What are YOUR tricks for preventing runny eyeliner?