Selena Gomez has hit the spotlight recently for more than one reason! First, for making the Biebs cry and second, for her raunchy new art film ‘Spring Breakers’, but we love her anyways! She can do no wrong in our eyes. In honor of seeing her face plastered on every tabloid, we give you a Selena Gomez how-to. This look is all about eyeliner and lashes and how awesome does her hair look?! Moving on…

Step 1: Line the inner rims of the eyes with our Kohl Eyeliner in ‘Black’. 

Step 2: Line the outer rims of the eyes with our Cream Eyeliner in ‘Black’ for a super smoldering look.

Step 3: Coat lashes with mascara and apply a pair of our Lash Collections in ‘Dramatic’ for extra drama.

Step 4: Finish off the look with a quick swipe of our Glossy Gloss in ‘Ballet Slippers’.