I was in the elevator at Bergdorf Goodman and saw that on the screen there was a sign for an iPhone app to buy shoes directly from your phone. Wow! Imagine the damage Carrie Bradshaw would have done if this app was available years ago to ease her Manolo Blahnik addiction. Shoes literally a click away!

 It is safe to say that the iPhone has become “the” phone of this generation, and with that comes many cool applications to ease the user to just about any kind of store or service they want.  Thinking about all the companies with iPhone apps from Starbuck’s to Bergdorf’s, I am curious to see if our fans would like to see an app for e.l.f. cosmetics!

 If e.l.f. were to create an iPhone application for all of our tech lover beauty fans, what would you like to see? What would you be looking to get from this app?  I can’t wait to see what you think!


Andrea is a current college student and marketing intern at e.l.f. cosmetics. She is an avid fashion lover and is always up to date on the most fabulous trends and stories.