I think it is always good to keep an eye on the beauty industry.  I love makeup (obviously) and I love to chat with other brands to hear their secret beauty tips and get the inside scoop.  I got the opportunity to meet up with the charming French makeup artist and business woman extraordinaire Laura Mercier the other day and thought I would share.  Laura Mercier, for those of you who don’t know her, has been in the business for over 30 years, she is well known for her long list of celebrities that she has done makeup for and her brand “Laura Mercier”.  She started off as a painter and brought that same creativity into makeup, as she would say “makeup is like painting the face”.  Some of her tips that I thought were brilliant are as followed:
-Makeup is a recipe just like cooking, you need to experiment till you find the perfect blend.
-With your mirror, stand a few feet from a window when applying makeup as this will provide the best natural light for putting on makeup so you get a more accurate and beautiful look. 
-Never apply foundation all over the face unless needed.  You want to always have the appearance of healthy natural skin.  The best thing is to just put a few spots where necessary, like around the nose or a few dabs on the cheeks to even out the complexion.
Thanks Laura for your great tips!