It’s no nipple-gate, but did anyone catch the bird that M.I.A. let fly live on the Superbowl? She’s no stranger to controversy. Her music video for the song “Born Free” was # 2 on Time Magazine’s Most Controversial Videos of all-time due to its portrayal of brutality by military forces (some of which had American flags on their uniform) against red-heads! It was actually banned on YouTube in the US and Canada because of its violent nature! While M.I.A. is never one to keep her lips locked, it’s now been a week since the performance and all that’s been said is she didn’t plan to flip us all off. Do you think M.I.A. was trying to make a statement to us?

The rest of the entertainment was a success.

Kelly Clarkson proved her drama-free awesomeness and sang the Star Spangled Banner beautifully. She hit every note and remembered all the lines!

Fast forward through all the football and free throws (ha, JK) and there was the halftime show!

The past few years we’ve seen classic rock artists like The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springstein, and Paul McCartney, the half time show this year took a different turn. Madonna knocked it out of the park, showing divas everywhere who’s still queen. She sang a medley of her old songs, ‘Vogue’, ‘Music’ with the help of fun guys LMFAO, ‘Like a Prayer’ with Cee Lo Green and her new single ‘Give me all Your Luvin’ with cheeerleaders Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. The ladies were dressed as Roman cheerleaders and put on an adorable performance. That is, until M.I.A flipped the bird during her solo.

We thought this year’s halftime show was a hit! The songs, the outfits, the artist appearances and all. Oh! and congratulations to the New York Giants!

What did you guys think of Madonna’s performace? Did you guys even notice M.I.A’s middle finger? Do you think Eli Manning is as hot as we do?!


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