When it comes to applying make-up there are a few key points that you can follow to achieve a fresher younger look:


  • Applying a generous amount of mascara to your top eye lashes and only a small amount to your bottom lashes. This creates a lifting upward illusion to the eyes. A thick application of Mascara on the bottom lashes also smudges, making you look tired and older. 
  • If you find your eye liner pencil tend to smudge easily (pencils are moist and waxy, so tend to smudge) Use a dark eye shadow and a small firm brush to apply as your eyeliner. I use e.l.f’s Small Precision Brush to apply my eye shadow as eyeliner – instead of using an eye liner pencil.
  • By shaping your eyebrows you open and lift the eye area creating a mini ‘eye lift’ effect.
  • Use a loose powder rather than a compact powder, compact powders apply a heavier layer of make-up onto the skin and cake into fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The more foundation you wear on your skin, the older it will look. Make-up cakes into fine lines on the skin. Liquid foundations work best.
  • Opt to wear a loose powder over your foundation. Loose powder not only sets your foundation in place, it also reduces the shine on the skin. Shine attracts light to the lines on your face and this illuminates them. A matte face is a fresher younger looking face. Matte does not mean over powdered and dry looking – a little powder goes a long way.
  • If you don’t have a lot of eyelid visible when your eyes are open, use a highlighter (eye shadow) like cream or white to create the illusion of more lid space. The light shade will also make your eyes look fresher.
  • Concealer can be applied over your eye lid and through your crease area. It numbs any pink or dark skin over the eye surface. This trick is used my make-up artists to make clients eyes look younger and fresher. You can also apply concealer under your eyes to numb dark circles – just avoid the area to the outsides of the eyes, where your fine lines are. e.l.f. has an amazing creamy textured concealer that is soft enough to use over your eye area. The name of the concealer is: All Over Cover Stick. Here is the link: http://www.elfcosmetics.com/p/all-over-cover-stick
  • Use pinkie or peachy toned blusher on the apple of your cheek to lift life and color into your face.


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      Remember, practise makes perfect.



Top make-up artist Debbie Jean has been a professional make-up artist since 1994. Having had the opportunity to work with top fashion photographers, models and magazines, has given Debbie the experience and edge to pass on her knowledge, through teaching state-of-the-art make-up techniques on her unique make-up website – RealWomen MakeUp.com.