Welcome to our first ever makeup at home event! Click the blue/grey plus sign icon to add to the snazL in real time and join on for the live chat.
MakeupAtHome is a program to allow e.l.f. Cosmetics to overcome the hurdle of allowing potential customers to try e.l.f. products without having to make a purchase and recognize the high quality of the products, despite the incredibly affordable price. After the launch at BlogHer we plan to offer women around the country, either directly though us, or partnering with a facilitation organization, the opportunity to host e.l.f. Cosmetics MakeupAtHome parties at their homes or other venues. In addition the party host will be able to place an order so that participants can order limited quantities (or as much as they wish) without being charged shipping. We are hoping to roll this program out around the country with various beauty related partners right after BlogHer.

SnazL is partnering with e.l.f. to showcase the dynamic and awesome female bloggers in real-time interactive screenings of their stories using their unique technology. We hope to enable those of us who admire these blogger’s style, ideas, and grace to connect more meaningfully with each other and build a stronger community.

SnazL aims to bring naturalness back to the web by empowering users to share and interact in real-time from anywhere. SnazL users become the center of all their social worlds. They can use the SnazL application to (1) watch the content together in real-time with their friends scattered across web communities (2) simultaneously push content to all their web communities and (3) dynamically build a viewing experience together while chatting and interacting.