Halloween is only a few days away and I bet many of you are celebrating early this weekend! We’ve been talking about and planning our Halloween costumes at e.l.f. HQ for weeks! According to SheFinds.com, here are the most popular Halloween costumes for 2012!

You’ll need a whole lot of spray tans to pull off spots #1 and #2 belonging to “Tan Mom” and “Honey Boo Boo Child”

And for any girl that’s 20 something and lives in Brooklyn, you can go as yourself because the cast of GIRLS is #3 on the list of most popular Halloween costumes.

Some of our other favorites to choose from are the Snooki and her baby (#12), the “new” Mylie (#17, which conveniently doubles as Justin Beiber) or you can keep it classy and waltz around like you’re the Duchess of Cambridge (#15).

Look below to see what we’re dressing up as at the e.l.f. office, then tell us what you’ll be dressing up as!

Chrissy, our exuberant designer, is going as the Target Lady! (It fits her personality perfectly already)

Achelle, our innovative Creative Director, is going as a Hot Potato! She bought a potato sack of Etsy.com and plans to wear it as a dress!

Elle, our speedy Marketing Manager, plans to dress up in “cute” version of Flash!