The low-budget horror film recently hit theaters and became the number-one hit at the box office this weekend. Set to be the summer’s best scary movie, the plot of the purge is different from the normal “killer on the loose” horror films.

In this movie, a new political regime attempts to control the amount of violence and crime by giving the citizens one night a year where all criminal activity becomes legal. No police can help and all the hospitals suspend service.  James Sandin (played by Ethan Hawk) and his family live in a gated community and plan to ride out the night in their home. However, when the son lets in a stranger, begging for help, their lives suddenly change as they quickly realize a dangerous group is after the man.

You can watch the trailer here but you’ll have to wait to watch the movie to figure out the rest! Will The Purge be on your must-see movie list for summer?