Summer seems to have swooped in and arrived.  And along with it, something else has swooped in.  Something creepier, crawlier, and without any concept of boundaries.

Yes, mosquitoes.  Today I discovered my first mosquito bite of the season (and it’s on my head, don’t laugh).

Some of you must understand my pain when faced with mosquitoes.  I’m of a rare denomination of urbanite that somehow attracts them from miles and miles away.  If they’re around, they’ll find me, and they’ll pass over my friends to get to me.  This is in spite of avoiding perfumes and bathing in bug repellent!

But I’m comforted in knowing that I’m not the only one. How many of you have the same problem?  Any idea why they pick some people over others?  And what do you special individuals do to keep them as far away as possible?

Aisha Attack  Is a young performer and writer. Student of performance studies, and vocal music. She lives in Greenpoint, doing work in various media. Aisha is interested in écriture féminine, experimental literature, electro, 60s girl bands and funk.