I’ve been seeing posts all over the internet of this new nail trend called water marbling. It gives your nails a marble effect without making such a mess! Let’s all give a round of applause to Esther for being such a cooperative elfette 🙂

The first thing you need is about 4-5 different color nail polishes lined up and loosely opened (you’re going to have to work fast!).










You’re going to need a paper cup filled with water, a toothpick, and a paper towel underneath to catch any mess. Next, you’re going to need to tape your fingers around the edge of the nails to make for an easier clean up.










If you’re going to use bright colors, I would recommend starting with a white base coat of polish so that the colors really pop, because there is no way of applying a second coat.

1. Place a drop of polish into the water, then quickly after place another drop of polish in a different color. Keep doing so with the 5 colors- it should look like a rainbow bulls-eye.










2. Take the toothpick and drag it through the pattern a few time until you get the pattern you want. Don’t work slow with this, otherwise the polish will dry quickly. 

3. Dip your finger into the pattern and pull it out of the water. The scotch tape should catch the rest of the polish that would’ve ended up on your fingers.










4. Repeat on the other nails and finish with a top coat!













What do you guys think of this new trend? Worth the effort?

-Patti, contributing elfette