Tired of that summer shine? Or maybe, like me, your skin shines all the time? We’ve already given you 5 products to survive the summer but with this step-by-step guide, we’ll tell you how to keep your skin clear, and in check, year-round.

1. Resist the urge to over-cleanse

When your skin is oily, it’s easy to justify washing it multiple times a day, or doing everything you can to dry up the oil spill. While washing your face does slough off dead skin, make sure you don’t go overboard with constant cleansing. If you over-dry your skin it could actually make your oil spill even worse! Stay on a normal schedule of washing your face twice a day, and no more than three times in the summer. Make sure you are using an oil free cleanser or one that is water or mineral based

2. Don’t skip out on the moisturizer

While you may think moisturizer will make your skin greasier it will actually be worse than if you use none at all. Your skin will work even harder to produce the natural amount of oil it thinks it needs, thus making your face even more oily. Find an oil-free or water based moisturizer that works well with your skin and airs on the lighter side. Thick, creamy moisturizers will block your pores and may over saturate the skin. These types of moisturizers should be reserved for the depths of winter or those that are prone to dry skin. Lighter moisturizers will let your skin breathe more and cut down on excess oil. For extra hydration throughout the day, try a revitalizing mist to add some extra moisture. 

3. Always apply the SPF

Whether you wear it in your foundation or in a tinted moisturizer, make sure you always protect yourself with an SPF of at least 15. Burnt skin is hard to bounce back from, not to mention painful! Your face dries out when it burns and…you guessed it…produces even MORE oil to compensate. So get it right the first time and protect yourself!

4. Blot in Between

I carry blotting sheets around everywhere I go. Whether I’m glammed up, dressed down or rocking the natural nudes, you can always find blotting sheets in my purse. They are amazing! Within a few seconds, my face instantly looks and feels better, it’s less shiny and they don’t even mess up my makeup. Hint: Blot, don’t wipe, the sheet across your face. It will help absorb the excess oil better.

What other tricks do you guys use to cut down on the shine?

Elle, new elfette on the block