Source: SplashNews

We love the purple lip trend we keep seeing, and believe me when I say, a purple lip done right takes any look up a notch! Trouble is, for every perfect purple pout we see, it seems like there are ten not-so-good examples. Whether it’s too dark, or too light, it can be very hard to pull of this particular shade. That’s why it was so refreshing to see Rihanna’s lipstick at a fashion show this past week. She has nailed the purple lip DOWN TO A T.

The key to remember is, as with any bold lipstick shade, skin undertones! As well, remember the nature of purple itself as a color. Red and blue make purple, remember grammar school art class? So, warm skin? Go for a purple that leans slightly more towards red/pink, like Rihanna’s purple-but-almost-pink shade here. Cooler skin? Find a shade that leans more blue. 

Will you be trying the purple lip?