Every spend so much time on your makeup only to look over pictures the next day and look completely different? Here are a few tips on how to keep skin picture perfect!

Step 1: After scrubbing skin with an exfoliator or cleanser (check out our Mineral Face Cleanser), pat dry and apply a moisturizer WITHOUT SPF. Moisturizers with SPF contain zinc, which can give off a white cast in photos. Save the SPF for the day time.

Step 2: Use the proper shade of foundation.  A lot of us tend to use the same shade of foundation all year round, but the truth is we all need two shades. One shade for the dead of winter when our skin is at its lightest, and one shade for summer- when our skin is at its darkest (anything in between can be solved just by mixing the two shades together.) 

Step 3: Contour and highlight for definition. In pictures, our faces can tend to look flat or dimension-less if not for contouring. When expecting to be photographed, pick up that bronzer and define those cheek bones. I like to contour my cheek bones, temples and chin, and then do a light dusting of bronzer all over for a natural look that will look great in person and in pictures. Highlight the tops of cheek bones, under the brow, and inner corners for a brightening effect. The flash on a camera WILL pick up on subtle highlights so if you prefer a more sultry gaze, skip the inner corner highlight. Same concept goes for under eye concealer- if you use a shade lighter than your skin tone, it will show up brighter in pictures. If you use the same shade as your foundation, it will look more natural.

Step 4: Line eyes with black eyeliner for a really defined look. Some people think black is too dramatic, but it gives the best contrast in pictures and makes the whites of eyes look whiter. I also recommend black eyeliner especially if you are going to wear eyeshadow because it will not only enhance your eyes, but also make the eyeshadow color pop. Mascara is also a must when using eyeshadow because we want to avoid the white eyelash effect. This happens when we apply an eyeshadow and our lashes catch the fallout and then in pictures our eyelashes look white! Coating the tops and bottoms of lashes with black mascara will fix this issue every time.

Step 5: Don’t forget your lips! When applying foundation, we sometimes go over our lips and then completely forget about them, leaving a beige cast over lips that make us look like the walking dead in photos. Either wipe off the foundation, or finish it off with a tinted gloss for a nude-lip, but definitely don’t neglect your pout!

What are your tips for photo-ready skin?