Problem:  Pillow Acne.  Yes it’s true.  If you don’t take off your make-up or cleanse your skin thoroughly before bed, you could experience breakouts.  Solution: Use only cotton fiber sheets.  Cotton fibers help to soak up excess oil and debris that can be left behind by other linen fabrics.  Flip your pillow every other night and spray anti-bacterial spray (for skin) are great to be use opposite the side you are sleeping on (so it has time to work).  This will make a major difference in side-skin clarity.

Scott-Vincent Borba Celebrity Esthetician and Make-up Artist.

For over a decade, Scott-Vincent has been a renowned innovator in the beauty category and has worked on such esteemed brands such as Hard Candy Cosmetics, Johnson & Johnson®, P&G/Wella-Sebastian, Shiseido/Joico, and Dr. Murad.Scott-Vincent helped found E.L.F. Cosmetics with the idea that quality color cosmetics shouldn’t be limited to high-end department stores. Aside from contributing to the monthly blogs, he oversees new product development and leads the brand with head-turning innovation. A graduate of Santa Clara University, Scott-Vincent received an education in Psychology, Law, Business and Marketing.  Since then, he has succeeded as a high-fashion model, TV personality and became a licensed aesthetician to further his credentials and experiences. He founded BORBA, and continues to use his creative thinking to push the envelopes of skin care as we know it. Beyond creating groundbreaking approaches to skin care, Scott-Vincent Borba’s passion lies in raising awareness for the needs of troubled children.  He is an active spokesperson for The Covenant House, a non-profit organization that provides food, shelter, counseling and education for youth in need.