Clockwise from top left: Violet Affleck, Shiloh Jolie Pitt, Dannielynn (Anna Nicole Smith's child), and Suri Cruise

Over the past few years you might have noticed a celebrity affinity for unusual baby names. Prime examples include Shiloh (Brangelina), Suri (TomKat), Apple (Chris and Gwyneth), and Bronx Mowgli (Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz ). 
And every time one of these names is announced, some of you (and sometimes me) have a laugh at the expense of the parents, reasoning that the kids will one day grow to resent their ridiculous names (see Pilot Inspektor for Jason Lee’s child) or be forced to join the circus. However, what most of you (and sometimes me) don’t realize is that it appears as though they’re not the only ones reconsidering the conventional “Michael” or “Jennifer”. 
In fact, you might be surprised what names made the top 25 most popular baby names list this year: Addison, Ava, and Riley for girls, and Jayden, Logan, and Caleb for boys. So, what’s going on? Are we slowly dropping middle of the road conservative names for more unique ones? What are you considering naming your little one to be?
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