So…this is completely embarrassing but I had to ask. Have you ever had a major brain fart moment and accidently called someone by the wrong name?? Well I totally did. So I was on my way back from Jamaica and I had a celeb spotting…Ralph Lauren. I thought I would introduce myself and maybe take a picture. So as we were there waiting for our luggage I quickly chat it up with him I said in a shuffle “Hi Ralph, I know this is a total faux pas but would you mind if I get a picture with you?” etc etc. He kinda throws me a questionable glance but was very sweet and takes a pic. Ok…so as I walk away I think to myself, hmmm I don’t think that was Ralph Lauren but Tommy Hilfiger. Ahhh the humiliation I totally called him the wrong name. In my defense I was tired and had a cold, not that I am trying to get out of this one, but oops. So Tommy if you read this, I’m sooooo sorry, thanks for being a great sport about it! Guess we all have a few blunders here and there LOL.