Summer is definitely over, and so is my tan.  I have been sun obsessed for as long as I can remember. Some people love ski vacations and winter, but the only vacation for me is one on a beach in a lounge chair. My collection of bikinis and sarongs far exceeds that of my sweaters. I began tanning with my mom when I was in middle school. I would sit out for hours with a homemade reflector made with aluminum foil and a double-sided album (Billy Joel’s Glass Houses comes to mind) and baby oil.  Just thinking about this makes me cringe.  Still, I do like how I look with a tan, so I continued to lie out in the sun over every vacation and weekends all summer. A visit to my dermatologist this fall convinced me that my sun obsession has to stop for good, but I still wanted that tan look.

I had tried self-tanners in the past, but never felt that I got a “real” tan with them and instead was left looking a bit orange, and smelling like self-tanner for days.  I had received a sample of a self-tanner at a department store and decided to give it a try.  It was love at first application. This product Kanebo Sensai went on easily, had no scent and left me with an even tan and glowing skin that lasted for days.  I am hooked and it has eased my transition from sun worshiper to fake tan lover.

Do you like how you look with a tan; and how do you achieve that look in the dead of winter? Have you ever tried a self-tanner and is there a trick to applying to it your body to make it even?

-Pamela Weinberg

Pamela Weinberg is co-author of City Baby, the best selling NYC parenting guidebook. This indispensable resource for parents, written with Kelly Ashton, is in its third edition and has been called “The Bible for New York City parents.” City Baby answers the many big and little questions that expectant and new parents ponder.  The fourth edition will be available fall, 2010.